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March 7, 2004
*Houston TX - appearing with RodeoHouston - Reliant Stadium

April 23, 2004
*Florence AZ - Country Thunder USA 2004 - Canyon Moon Ranch

June 2, 2004
*Rama, Ontario - Casino Rama

June 4, 2004
*Uncasville CT - Mohegan Sun Arena

June 5, 2004
*Camden NJ - Tweeter Center

June 6, 2004
*Sparta KY - Country Stampede - Kentucky Speedway

June 25, 2004
*Grand Junction, CO - Country Jam USA

June 26, 2004
*Greely, CO - Rocky Mountain Stampede

July 2, 2004
*Reno, NV - Reno Hilton

July 3, 2004
*Provo UT - LaVell Edwards Stadium

July 9, 2004
*Redding CA - Redding Rodeo Grounds

July 18, 2004
*Belmont County, OH - Jamboree In The Hills

July 22, 2004
*Mount Pleasant, MI - Soaring Eagle Casino

July 23, 2004
*Twin Lakes, WI - Country Thunder USA 2004

July 25, 2004
*Minot ND - North Dakota State Fair

July 30, 2004
*Kelowna BC - Heartland Music Festival

July 31, 2004
*Camrose AB - Big Valley Jamboree

August 14, 2004
*Jackson MI - Jackson County Fair

August 28, 2004
*Syracuse NY - New York State Fair

September 19, 2004
*Puyallup WA - Western Washington Fair

September 25, 2004
*Omaha NE - Quest Center



1. Secret
2. If I Had Any Sense Left at All
3. My Sister
4. Learned to be Lonely
5. Moving Oleta
6. Love Revival
7. He Gets That From Me
8. I'm Gonna Take That Mountain
9. Room to Breathe
10. Sky Full of Angels
11. Somebody
12. It Just Has to be This Way (duet with Vince Gill)

"Reba returns to one of her classic themes, female empowerment. She also returns to fiddle-and-dobro propelled country. And she takes no prisoners in doing either one. Fiery and fierce."

-Robert Oermann (MUSIC ROW)

Every week I receive loads of requests for different Reba videos.. and I've been trying my best to bring them all to you each month.

After the success of the Reba Video Relay it is possible that this feature will return. Interested? Vote in the new poll!

Don't forget you can still watch the video of the month as well!

*December 2003

*Country Weekly

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UPDATED: 1/31/2004 11:14PM :: updated by Clark ::
Reba McEntire Returns to Touring with New Album

One of country music’s most popular artists is returning to fans with concerts stretching from March to late September.

Country superstar Reba McEntire is pacing herself by spreading 23 performance dates over seven months as she begins her first tour in more than three years. During that time, the singer-actress has substituted an active concert schedule for her television sitcom “Reba” on the WB network.

The tour coincides with the recent release of her 28th career album Room to Breathe, her first new album in four years. Upon its November release, the album debuted at No. 4 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart and No. 25 on the Billboard 200. The last time Reba took to the stage she shared it with Martina McBride, Sara Evans and Jamie O’Neal on 2001’s Girls’ Night Out Tour.

In 2000, the Recording Industry Association of America named McEntire the top-selling female country music artist of the 20th century. The singer has always pushed the boundaries of the genre and subsequently introduced new fans to the music, all the while maintaining her country roots. She is also an inspiration to many of today’s artists.

McEntire has received several awards over her career including two Grammys and four CMA Female Vocalist of the Year honors. She has acted in several film and television roles and celebrates a music career that dates back 20 years. No other artist that began in the seventies currently experiences multi-platinum album sales.

Our Thoughts

Despite the shifting sands of music trends, Reba McEntire remains an entertainment force to be reckoned with. Worldwide, the singer has an amazing fan base.

UPDATED: 1/29/2004 10:05AM :: updated by Clark ::

Four years seems to have done Reba McEntire some good. On her first studio album in four years, she resurrects her passion for country music that seemed to have been missing on her previous album. She sings all 12 tracks like she's happy to be home in country music. From the longing of "My Sister" to the soulfulness of the title track, McEntire reminds listeners why they missed her. She's always good for the affecting story-songs and doesn't disappoint with "Moving Oleta" and "Somebody." And what's a Reba album without the lovely Linda Davis on background harmony vocals or a duet with country music faithful Vince Gill? (Think 1992's "The Heart Won't Lie.") You'll find many of the old staples here, but you'll also get a revitalized and cool-sounding Reba.

~ Maria Konicki Dinoia, All Music Guide

Reba hosts ACM awards again

Reba McEntire will host the 39th Academy of Country Music Awards, which will be broadcast live from Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Hotel May 26 at 8 p.m. ET/tape PT on CBS. It's the third straight year and seventh time for McEntire in the ACM host role.

~ USA Today

UPDATED: 1/28/2004 5:16PM :: updated by Clark ::

January 28, 2004 --- Just weeks after being released in stores Reba McEntire's ROOM TO BREATHE has been certified GOLD! Her new single "Somebody" just impacted country radio and is already making waves. She was most added two weeks ago and has already broken the Top 40, marking Reba's 73rd Top 40 hit.

The New Year has been a busy one for Reba who last week appeared at The Golden Globes where she was nominated for the first time for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Reba will shoot a video for her new single next week in Los Angeles. The video is set to world premiere on CMT February 27th. She is also preparing for her upcoming US tour which will kick off at the Houston Rodeo on March 7th.

UPDATED: 1/28/2004 5:03PM :: updated by Rob ::

"Somebody" moves up 2 spaces #39 to #37 with 502 spins this week on Radio & Records

UPDATED: 1/28/2004 4:40PM :: updated by Clark ::

Just a reminder: fancyreba.com will be putting together a FAN BOOK to present to Reba. The book will be a professionally bound book (no scrapbook) filled with letters, stories and pictures from fans at fancyreba.com. If you would like to be a part of the fancyreba.com FAN BOOK, please submit via email to: fanbook@fancyreba.com (all files should be sent via email). Get your files sent in soon! The deadline for submitting your files will be 02/27/04. I can accept files in Word format - or just type it out in email if that's easier. Any photos or artwork is also welcome.

So far I'm getting some great stuff. Thanks to everyone who has sent items in. Mark Meismer (a previous tour dancer) will also be participating in the book as well as Rick Spaans (a member of the Annie Get Your Gun cast). This is a fun project and everyone is invited to join in.

This FAN BOOK will not be 'sent' to Reba - but delivered to her in person. I will deliver the FAN BOOK 'by hand' to Reba personally at the Mt Pleasant MI show. I will be meeting with Reba either before the show or after the show and will give her the FAN BOOK at that time. I just got my ticket in the mail recently. I will be at table 9 (center stage) seat 1 (front row) for anyone else attending (4pm show) who might want to say hi.

This is your chance to get a special message to Reba - Don't miss out!

UPDATED: 1/28/2004 3:15PM :: updated by Clark ::

February hasn't even begun, but I've decided to add a few new videos anyway. Enjoy these videos featured this month. Above is THE FEAR OF BEING ALONE. Click image to view. Below you'll find Reba and friends performing ON MY OWN.

UPDATED: 1/28/2004 12:02PM :: updated by Clark ::

Glam Girls' Goods!

The 2004 Golden Globes went off without a hitch Sunday night and although the entire world knows SARAH JESSICA PARKER took home a prize and CHARLIZE THERON made many a best-dressed list, Entertainment Tonight's STEVEN COJOCARU got the real inside scoop and found out what three of TV's hottest actresses had in their glitzy clutches!

"We're playing a little game and we're asking what's in people's purses," he informs. "Can we take a peek? Are you hiding anything?"

Cojo asked Reba McEntire, "What's the essential for an awards show?"

"Oh, a mirror," she said. "Mirror is my middle name!" Admitted Cojo.

The star went on to reveal she had some ELIZABETH ARDEN makeup, Kleenex, powder, and a vital dental hygiene product.

"Of course, when you eat, you've got to have dental floss," she advised.

"Reba, you think of everything!"

UPDATED: 1/27/2004 9:23PM :: updated by Clark ::

While we patiently wait for the "Somebody" video to be filmed and released, you can enjoy a classic live performance of ON MY OWN. Click the image above to view.

UPDATED: 1/23/2004 11:28AM :: updated by Mary ::
Reba McEntire: 'Room to Breathe'


Reba McEntire
"Room to Breathe"

Shania and Faith may have the buzz, but Reba's got the goods.

McEntire has settled nicely into a midcareer groove that allows her to collect the occasional piece of hardware from the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association - and host their awards shows - while putting out an occasional CD.

She's even become a full-time comic actor, heading her "Reba" sitcom on the WB and earning a Golden Globe nomination to boot. But that's no surprise to anyone who saw her as the gun-totin' survivalist in the original "Tremors" movie in 1990.

"Room to Breathe," so named because McEntire took some time off to do just that, is her first studio album since 1999. And she is singing better than ever. Gone are most of the showy swoops and slides and other gymnastics that marked much of her '90s work. She's letting her natural voice do the heavy lifting, and it serves her well on a very diverse program.

Most of the songs are either written or co-written by women, and the styles and subjects range from the hard country of loss ("Once You've Learned to Be Lonely" and "Secret") to gospel ("Love Revival" and "Sky Full of Angels").

The first single, the banjo- and fiddle-soaked "I'm Gonna Take That Mountain," was Reba's 67th charting single. It's the kind of song - about a woman fighting against all odds - that McEntire does so well.

McEntire is at her best here, and she leaves her listener with the feeling that she's shared something intimate. It's a talent the buzz babes can only dream about.

- Barry Gilbert

UPDATED: 1/15/2004 6:26PM :: updated by Mary ::
Country mainstay Reba McEntire packs for her first tour since 2001

by Rob Evans
liveDaily Editor

January 15, 2004 10:57 AM - Country star and actress Reba McEntire ventures out in 2004 on her first tour in three years, tackling an itinerary that puts her in more than two-dozen cities.

McEntire was one of country music's most reliable concert draws before she stopped touring to dedicate her efforts to the WB network sitcom "Reba," which has been running for three years."I am very excited about the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience again," McEntire said in a statement. "I love recording, and I love acting, but getting out there and performing live has always been one of my favorite things to do."

She eases into her schedule with single concerts in March, April and May before getting into the meat of the tour in June and July. Ticket on-sale information wasn't available at press time.

McEntire's previous outing was 2001's Girls' Night Out Tour, which also featured Martina McBride, Sara Evans and Jamie O'Neal.

In November of 2003, McEntire released "Room to Breathe," her 28th album. She has collected many awards over the course of her career, including an unprecedented four consecutive CoMA Female Vocalist of the Year honors and two GRAMMYs.

The Recording Industry Association of America--which credits McEntire with U.S. album sales of 36 million--named her the top-selling female country music artist of the 20th century in 2000.

UPDATED: 1/15/2004 3:08PM :: updated by Clark ::
Lakers Fan?

The Blackstock's attended the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets at the Staples Center last night (Jan 14).

UPDATED: 1/14/2004 8:44AM :: updated by Mary ::
Older, but still hot

Here's a little TV irony: The WB network has built its reputation on hot young stars of the moment. Whether it's Sarah Michelle Gellar or Alyssa Milano or Tom Welling or whomever, pretty faces - pretty YOUNG faces - are the network's currency.

So, at an informal party before the network's scheduled Tuesday session, who do you suppose couldn't take a step without reporters' microphones held six inches from her mouth? (This was a crowd that included Rose McGowan, James Lafferty and Michael Rosenbaum, all staples of the WB's almost-ready-to-drive audience, mind you.)

Reba McEntire, of all people, the star of Reba , and, well, a country music star, which might have had something to do with it. (Though I couldn't name a single one of her songs if you put a gun to my head.)

Still, it was nice to see someone who could not only play a mom on a WB show but who was actually old enough to BE a mom in real life get a little attention. Or, in this case, a lot.

-The Arizona Republic


For Reba McEntire, life is a busy venture. The two-time Grammy winner has herself a popular TV show on the WB (Reba, Friday, 8 p.m.), a new CD (Room to Breathe) and a tour slated for the spring and summer.

"It's nice, it makes it easier because I have 100 per cent support. The fans all love the show but they want to see me back on tour," said the likeable Reba at a WB party.

Fans of Reba's show will know that her character has begun to step out a little more and actually date. Hmmm, who would Reba like TV Reba to date?

"We talked about Mel Gibson, we've said that in a script," said a grinning Reba. "There's been talk of Kris Kristofferson. You know Kurt Russell would be fine. Willy Nelson would be a hoot. Oh man, the list would be endless."

One person who won't be on the list is her husband Narvel Blackstock.

"I've asked him to do it but he says no way," said Reba.

-The Province

UPDATED: 1/14/2004 6:18AM :: updated by Clark ::

This is Mary Roach with Reba and Narvel at The People's Choice Awards.

UPDATED: 1/13/2004 8:31PM :: updated by Clark ::
fancyreba.com FAN BOOK!

fancyreba.com will be putting together a FAN BOOK to present to Reba. The book will be a professionally bound book (no scrapbook) filled with letters, stories and pictures from fans at fancyreba.com. If you would like to be a part of the fancyreba.com FAN BOOK, please submit via email to: fanbook@fancyreba.com (all files should be sent via email). Get your files sent in soon! The deadline for submitting your files will be 02/27/04. Your place in the FAN BOOK will be determined by when your files are received. The sooner you send your files - the closer to the front you'll be.

This FAN BOOK will not be 'sent' to Reba - but delivered to her in person. I will deliver the FAN BOOK 'by hand' to Reba personally at the Mt Pleasant MI show. I will be meeting with Reba either before the show or after the show and will give her the FAN BOOK at that time.

This is your chance to get a special message to Reba - Don't miss out!

UPDATED: 1/13/2004 7:45PM :: updated by Clark ::

1. Tell us about your life in Los Angeles. What kinds of adjustments did you have to make when you moved to California - and have you now adapted to the L.A. lifestyle?

I love living in L.A. The weather is great and there are a lot of options when it comes to dining or entertainment. I do miss the spring and fall of Nashville. I think that time of year in Nashville is unbelievable.

2. With all the success of Reba, other acting offers must be pouring in. Do you have any other movie or TV projects in the works?

There have been offers for a couple of movies, but I'm not a fan of that process. It takes forever and the finished product rarely ends up the way it started with the script that is presented to you in the beginning. I am totally focused on the Reba show for now.

3. What are the biggest personal challenges you face doing a weekly series?

Memorizing the script. A weekly script normally consists of 38 pages of dialog that gets changed each day after rehearsals. The script doesn't rhyme and doesn't have a melody like a song.

4. Reba, you have become a very good actress. Which do you prefer... acting or singing?

When I sing, I always put myself in the place of whatever the subject is that I'm singing about. I've always felt even when I was singing, I was acting.

5. Do you find that you're making new fans for your music because of the success of the show?

There are so many people that watch the TV show that have never listened to a country radio station. They didn't even know I sing. The TV show has been great for expanding my musical audience.

6. If someone were to take a peek into your CD player, what album(s) would they see that you were listening to?

I listen to all kinds of music. The problem is that I am usually listening to the production, how the mix sounds, or something else that pertains to business. That's the down side to being in the business. It's hard not to start thinking about all of that when I listen to other music.

7. Your new album is your first of original music in four years. Was it hard to get back into the groove of recording?

I was concerned about my voice holding up because I hadn't sung since doing the "Girls' Night Out" tour in 2001. That's the longest I've ever gone without singing. Once I started in the studio, I realized how much I had missed singing.

8. How close are you with your castmates? Does your real-life family and TV family ever go out or socialize together?

We are all very close. Just about every weekend we are out to eat or at each others house for a party.

9. Have you had any more offers for Broadway roles, like "Annie Get Your Gun," and would you ever consider doing another play?

Broadway is the hardest work I've ever done. It's 8 shows a week with no breaks. I enjoyed doing "Annie Get Your Gun", but before I would do it again I'd have to be as passionate about the role as I was about playing Annie Oakley.

10. Who would you like to be a guest star on your show?

Carol Burnett

11. What's the last really great movie you saw?


12. Do you see yourself returning to a more traditional sound in your music? Similar to what you did in your early career, through the early 90's?

I think "Room To Breathe" has a more traditional sound. It all depends on the songs that I find each time I go in to record. I'm just looking for the very best 12 songs I can find to put on a CD and that usually determines the direction of my CDs.

-Country Weekly

"Somebody" Loves Reba

Looks like someone up there loves MCA Nashville recording artist Reba McEntire — this week her "Somebody," the latest single from her album "Room to Breathe", outlasts the competition to win Most Added honors at Country, with 34 adds.

The song also debuts at No. 39* on R&R's Country chart.

UPDATED: 1/13/2004 1:05PM :: updated by Clark ::
Fancy that: McEntire to stop by fair

Tingley's still viable, Expo New Mexico crows after country icon's booking

By Ollie Reed Jr.
Tribune Reporter

Reba McEntire, one of the queens of country music and a TV sitcom star to boot, will appear in concert at the 2004 New Mexico State Fair show.

McEntire is the first act announced for this year's fair, scheduled for Sept. 2-19 at the Expo New Mexico grounds in Albuquerque. She will perform at Expo's Tingley Coliseum on Sept. 4.

Michael Cerletti, Expo New Mexico general manager, said he is excited to sign an act of McEntire's caliber.

"Obviously, we think Tingley Coliseum continues to be a viable venue and whenever we are able to book someone of Reba's magnitude that illustrates we are still in the game," Cerletti said.

In recent years, 46-year-old Tingley Coliseum has had to fight for its share of concert dollars with Indian casinos and Journal Pavilion, the outdoor space south of Albuquerque. Tingley stands to lose more of that business if a proposed 10,000-seat arena is built in downtown Albuquerque.

McEntire drew about 9,000 fans to Tingley when she played the New Mexico State Fair show in 2000. Cerletti is counting on her to do at least that well at this year's fair.

McEntire, whose hits include "One Promise Too Late," "The Greatest Man I Never Knew" and "Little Rock," has sold more than 48 million albums. She won the Country Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year award in 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987.

In addition to her performance at the 2000 State Fair, she appeared at the Journal Pavilion in July 2001 as part of the Girl's Night Out tour with Jamie O'Neal, Martina McBride, Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Sara Evans.

The last couple of years, however, McEntire took a break from her recording and touring career to star in a revival of the musical "Annie Get Your Gun" on Broadway and launch her own TV sitcom, "Reba," on the WB network. Last month, she was nominated for a Goldlen Globe Award for her work in the TV series.

She returned to country music recently with "Room to Breathe," her first album in four years.

Tickets for McEntire's show will go on sale at a date to be announced soon.

Cerletti said Expo New Mexico plans to sign six to eight more acts for the 2004 fair.

"We are still in the planning stages," he said. "We are looking at doing either two or three stand-alone concerts, including Reba's, and five or six rodeo concerts."

Concerts have traditionally followed rodeos in Tingley during the fair. This year, however, Cerletti said there may be a few rodeos without concerts.

"We are looking at the possibility of doing three rodeos in the afternoon - these would be on Saturday and Sunday - to get more families in. We would not plan any concerts following the afternoon rodeos.

"But all the evening rodeos will be followed by concerts."

-The Albuquerque Tribune

UPDATED: 1/11/2004 9:08PM :: updated by Clark ::

Click image to see January's Video of the Month

UPDATED: 1/11/2004 8:19AM :: updated by Clark ::

"Somebody" is already in the voting for the "Top 10 @ 10" show on WAMZ. Its time for Reba fans to start voting and requesting!

CLICK HERE to vote for Reba! OR call Gator (502) 571-97FM or 1-800-866-97FM Monday through Friday between 6pm and 9:45pm

UPDATED: 1/10/2004 3:40PM :: updated by Clark ::
Television Update

Thanks for the update Kurtis!


Here's a review of "Somebody" by Robert K. Oermann from the Music Row Fax:


Writer: Dave Berg/Sam Tate/Annie Tate;
Producer: Reba McEntire/Buddy Cannon/Norro Wilson;
Publisher: WB/Gravitron, ASCAP/SESAC;
MCA Nashville

—Instantly memorable. And in the best country tradition, it tells a dandy story. And in my book, that’s still what a hit is.

submitted by: JLATN5B@hotmail.com

UPDATED: 1/9/2004 11:14AM :: updated by Clark ::
Contest Winner

Last night after the Annie Get Your Gun listening party we had a contest and I am happy to announce the winner of the contest was 'pookie_53' AKA Brittany.

The correct answer was:
'To Bill. Love, (country singer) Lorrie Morgan.'

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the listening party, I had alot of fun!

For a transcript of the chat CLICK HERE

UPDATED: 1/9/2004 8:57AM :: updated by Mary ::
Country Weekly Album Review

Reba McEntire
Room to Breathe
3-1/2 starts out of 5
Reviewed by Chris Neal

There was a moment when it would have been reasonable to doubt Reba. While she was busy expanding her career to Broadway and TV, her only musical output in the last four years was three relatively uncertain new tracks on a greatest-hits collection.

Well, there's nothing uncertain about Room to Breathe. Reba powers through these 12 tunes with at least as much energy and commitment as she's ever shown under the spotlights of New York or Hollywood. Room is a summation of all Reba is and all she does, packed tightly into 45 of the most irresistible minutes of her quarter-century career.

At this point, Reba's music is practically a genre to itself - earthy, accessible sounds topped with a loving but defiant attitude. Room makes that formula work like gangbusters, and occasionally even expands on it.

Shopworn sentiments like those in "My Sister" or the Alzheimer's saga "Moving Oleta" would curdle in the mouths of many singers, but Reba makes you believe every word. And when she gets hold of a tune as good as "Once You've Learned to Be Lonely", "Somebody" or the Vince Gill duet "It Just Has to Be This Way" - well, nail down anything loose. This ain't just a comeback, it's a revival.

Room at the Top

Story by Alanna Nash

Now that she's a full-fledged TV star, Reba McEntire is ready to conquer the music world all over again - and country fans are ready to have her back.

Reba McEntire recently bought a place in California, where she's shooting the third season of the highly successful WB sitcom that bears her name. She may have gone fully Hollywood - but at the same time, she's coming home.

That's because, after going more than four years without a new album, she's returned to country with a passion on her new CD, Room to Breathe. In a way, it might just be the ultimate Reba album.

"It's a combination of all of the types of music I've recorded over the past 25 years, all in one album," she says. "I'm just tickled with it all. It's something I'm really, really proud of. And I was ready for it."

She knows her fans were ready for it, too - and probably wondering why country's most famous redhead was music-less for so long. "I just got burned out," she explains. "But lately everybody's been saying, 'Glad to have you back on the radio. We missed you.' And that's so nice. It's exactly how I feel about getting back on the radio with new music. I've been eager to get the music out to the fans."

And they have eagerly accepted it. The first single, "I'm Gonna Take That Mountain," became a radio hit and rocketed into the Top 20 despite the difficulty faced these days by women - as well as singers whose careers date back into the '70s. It's been a quarter-century since her first Top 20, "Three Sheets in the Wind."

But Reba doesn't put much stock in those trends. "If you craft a very good record, you probably will wind up on the radio," she figures. "No matter if you're young, old, retired or just getting into it, you've got to have good material. There is no point in cheating our fans. They work hard for their money. If they are going to go out and pay for our records and come see us in concert, it's got to be songs that they really will enjoy."

Reba has also learned a thing or two about pleasing TV audiences. Reba is now in its third season - and has recently been garnering its biggest ratings ever. The star has grown very attached to her castmates and crew.

"When we came back to work this season, it was just like being back in school," she chuckles. "It was so much fun to get to see everybody and be a part of the show again." Her husband/manager, Narvel Blackstock, and son, Shelby, have adjusted to living in California, she notes, though the couple has also kept their property east of Nashville.

This year, Reba, is a co-executive producer of the series. Ask her what that means and she'll quip: "I have no earthly idea!" In fact, it means she'll have more input on the direction of the show, including approval of scripts, jokes and the development of her character, Reba Hart - a divorced mother with three children, trying to date and make her way in the world again.

The series pushed the envelope with twin plot lines involving unwed pregnancy - but then, Reba has always had a knack for handling delicate situations. Like in May, when she presented the Entertainer of the Year trophy at the ACM Awards and winner Toby Keith was nowhere to be found. "Yeah, that surprised me," admits Reba. "I think he lost out on a very important time in his life. I only got to pick up one of those awards, and it was very special to me."

In the years since her own Entertainer win in 1994, Reba has only expanded the definition of what a country "Entertainer" can do - she's starred in movies, a hit Broadway musical and finally the TV show. But all these ventures have been, for her, totally natural.

"Being a singer, you really get into the words, the meaning of songs", she explains. "And I have been performing onstage for 25 years, and I always loved the camera. So television worked everything in together - the only difference is that the words I say don't have a melody, and they don't rhyme. I think doing a musical is the most rewarding, because you get to sing and act, too."

While she doesn't plan a return to Broadway at the moment, Reba will continue to keep all these balls in the air for the time being. It's hard work, but it's the way she's always done it - and she wouldn't trade the experiences she's had for anything.

"I'd just like to thank everybody for sticking with me through all of this, and taking the journeys with me," she says. "It's sure been a lot of fun. I hope everybody has enjoyed it as much as I have."

UPDATED: 1/8/2004 2:37PM :: updated by Clark ::



UPDATED: 1/5/2004 7:56PM :: updated by Clark ::
Dr Pepper is here!


UPDATED: 1/5/2004 6:02PM :: updated by Clark ::
Days Of Future Past

What's the concert outlook for 2004?

That's what is on everybody's mind in this first week of the new year. Who's coming to town? Which artists are going to tour? What's up with Eric Clapton? Elton John? Fritz's Polka Band? Enquiring minds want to know!

And we want to tell you. In fact, we spent the last month of 2003 questioning all the major players in the concert industry as to their plans for the new year. And even though they refused to go on record regarding the entertainment extravaganzas currently in the works, they were more than happy to provide deep background on upcoming shows for 2004.

For example, an industry insider told us that the big names, like Shania Twain and John Mayer will most likely be playing major sports arenas in 2004, while other acts, such as Ill Nino and John Gorka will headline on the nightclub circuit. Surprised? We know we were.

Just like when we were surprised when a reliable source told us about Britney Spears, David Bowie and Dwight Yoakam. Bottom line? They're going to sell tickets and you're going to buy them. Who would have thunk it?

But that's nothing compared to what an anonymous source told us about this summer. According to an unofficial spokesperson, amphitheatres will be going strong, as will local fairs and music festivals. We can hardly wait!

Then there's the surprising news given to us by the new concert professionals. These young lions, often referred to within the industry as neocons, spoke off the record about George Strait, Neil Young and Reba McEntire, and while we can't tell you everything, the buzz about these artists is earthshaking, and they may, or may not play a venue near you.

Of course, not everything is guaranteed. Some artists may change their minds, some may play and some may not. Some tickets may be expensive while others will represent the best bargains the industry has to offer. But no matter which way you look at it, there's something for everyone in 2004 including shows, concerts, live music and performances. Yes, 2004 will be a great year for concerts.

In fact, it will be just like last year. Only different.

UPDATED: 1/5/2004 3:37PM :: updated by Clark ::

How many of you remember the original launch of Reba.com? I thought it would be fun to look back to see how its changed. The screen capture you see here was taken December 20, 1996. CLICK HERE for an audio sample that was originally on the Reba.com website when it first came online. If you look close you'll also see that what we all now know as RebaNet was originally called FanNet.


This is the 1st makeover of Reba.com. This was a beautiful version of the website that had a flash version and an html version. This screen capture was taken December 10, 1997.


I took this screen capture November 11, 1998. It shows the 3rd version of Reba.com. Most of you are familiar with the more recent versions - so they won't be featured here.

UPDATED: 1/5/2004 6:46AM :: updated by Clark ::
'Somebody' PICKED on After Midnite

UPDATED: 1/4/2004 8:56PM :: updated by Clark ::
Reba McEntire: Room to Breathe/cd review

For many years, Reba McEntire made albums, toured, and did an occasional movie. But in the last few years she spread her wings and sang on Broadway in "Annie Get Your Gun," then starred in a popular sitcom, "Reba," on the WB Network. She needed "Room to Breathe," hence the title of this new album, her first studio disc in four years. It marks a welcome return to country music for McEntire. She touches on country/R&B in the Tanya Tucker-like "Love Revival." She delves into gospel on "Sky Full of Angels" and into a mournful country ballad, "If I Had Any Sense at All." She teams up with mountain music diva Alison Krauss for transcendent harmony singing on "Once You've Learned to Be Lonely." Reba has surely absorbed the influence of the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack by not just using Krauss, but also her bandmate, Dan Tyminski, for harmony on the inspiring "I'm Gonna Take that Mountain." As opposed to some past albums, Reba seems much less deliberate in choosing "commercial" material. There is some modern-sounding country, but she also takes chances on the dramatic "Moving Oleta," about a man taking his wife to a nursing home because of Alzheimer's. "She can't recall his name and she's the only love he's known," Reba sings. Don't expect to hear it on the radio, but it's a very tasteful, topical choice from a reinvigorated McEntire.

UPDATED: 1/3/2004 5:28PM :: updated by Clark ::



UPDATED: 1/1/2004 8:42PM :: updated by Clark ::

This is a very rare unfinished track in its 'raw' form:
Reba McEntire - After You

UPDATED: 12/30/2003 6:33AM :: updated by Clark ::
Music Artists Star in 2004 Dr Pepper Ad Campaign

Real-Life Scenarios Inject Humor into 2004 Diet Dr Pepper Commercials

Reba McEntire, LeAnn Rimes, Smokey Robinson, B2K, Ana Gabriel, Patricia Manterola featured in 3rd Year of "Be You"

PLANO, TEXAS, Dec. 29, 2003 – Dr Pepper will bring in 2004 with a flurry of new television advertisements for both its regular and diet products. While the 2004 Diet Dr Pepper campaign continues to use the "Diet Dr Pepper Tastes More Like Regular Dr Pepper" tagline, the four 30-second commercial spots produced by Young & Rubicam New York will no longer spoof sources of entertainment such as movies, television shows, stage musicals, dare devils or musical groups. Instead, the 2004 Diet Dr Pepper campaign will humorously look at real-life situations that fall short of expectations, although Diet Dr Pepper does not.

The 2004 campaign for regular Dr Pepper continues with the "Be You" tagline that kicked off the campaign in 2002. The campaign features up-and-coming musical artists paying tribute to pioneers of a particular genre. In the 30-second commercial spots Country music star LeAnn Rimes pays tribute to Reba McEntire while on the road in the desert southwest, B2K celebrates the achievements of Smokey Robinson in a recording studio and Latin heart throb Patricia Manterola pairs up with Ana Gabriel at a rural train station for their festive and upbeat commercial, which was recorded in Spanish and English versions.

"Our Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper advertising focuses on the unique taste of the product, and has helped to consistently increase brand and advertising awareness with consumers year-after-year," stated John Clarke, chief advertising officer for Plano-Based Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. "In the case of Dr Pepper, our advertising speaks to the unique product and its appeal to the originality and individuality of its drinkers. With Diet Dr Pepper we stress that consumers don't have to sacrifice great taste to enjoy a diet soft drink. Diet Dr Pepper set the ‘gold standard' for diet soft drinks when it was reformulated in 1991. In 2002 it climbed into the top ten of U.S. soft drinks. Advertising had a role in Diet Dr Pepper's consistent growth over the past several years."

Dr Pepper has long used music as a way to connect with its consumers according to Clarke. "It was music that helped elevate Dr Pepper to a national brand in 1970s and 1980s," Clarke said, "which was when the still memorable "Be a Pepper" campaign gave the brand a boost. We have used music since, and it has worked well for the brand."

Conversely, for the past several years Diet Dr Pepper advertising has used humor to bring attention to the brand. There were delivery drivers who found themselves in humorous scenarios, then unusual or unlikely situations, then the admonition that one doesn't need to sacrifice taste, the parodies of entertainment, and now life's little situations.

"With the recent proliferation of new beverages available to consumers, our message about unique taste is more relevant than ever for both regular and diet Dr Pepper," explained Clarke. "We will continue to build on the equity the brand has with consumers, and we will bring new consumers into the Dr Pepper camp, as well as retain those who are already loyal to the brand. Our advertising has been a powerful element in our marketing efforts, and we won't take our foot off the accelerator pedal anytime soon," concluded Clarke.

The new 2004 Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper commercials will begin airing in January on network and cable programming.

Dr Pepper is the leading brand of Plano,Texas-based Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. Dr Pepper/Seven Up is the leading non-cola enterprise in North America, with about 16 percent of the carbonated soft drink market. It is also the largest beverage division of the London-based global confectionery and beverage firm Cadbury Schweppes plc (NYSE: CSG). In addition to Dr Pepper, the company's other leading soft drink brands include 7 UP, Sunkist, A&W Root Beer, Canada Dry, Hawaiian Punch, Schweppes and Squirt, as well as the RC Cola and Slush Puppie brands, and milk-based Raging Cow.

- Dr Pepper


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Reba McEntire is the biggest-selling female country vocalist in the USA. She's notched up 13 platinum and seven gold albums up to February 2000. These include Sweet Sixteen (1989), Read My Mind (1994), and If You See Him (1998). She began as a rodeo performer and also sang with members of her family before she was discovered by Red Steagall when she performed the national anthem at a rodeo in 1974

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